Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I hope everyone had a Great 4th of July
Well this week we are trying to get everything together for my GD
Alexis's Birthday this weekend!
The big 3 years old!
We have a large Family my DH has 5 sisters and they all live close,
so when you start adding in all my nieces & nephews
and those that had children of their own
(About 23 plus spouses)
We make a pretty large bunch!

I remember the first time we took a family photo of all the kids at Easter.
I showed my Grandmother she wanted to know who's class it was !! LOL
Any way we are going the the local lake and cooking hamburgers and hot dogs
And Swimming of course !
So everyone have a great weekend!

Ok so this is the last of the July ADSD Collaboration
Summer Garden

Here are the rest of the elements I promised


and here is the QP from the bottom of the last post


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